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Students Speak

I was not a dancer. Body awareness: fluidity, isolation, technique, posture were mere concepts. But Dipika changed all that for me. Over the years, she has taught me not only the art of belly dance, but the science of movement. She understands that all bodies are different, and everyone has their own conceptions of their limits. But she has a knack of making you unravel these into misconceptions, into making you feel limitless. She has helped me accept, love, and empower myself, made me conscious of the strength in my body and my mind. Through her compassionate, unique, and creative teaching methods, she has helped me know myself better.

Aashmika Amit

I have been learning belly dance from Dipika for almost two years. I’ve realized that everyone is different in shape and size and that’s beautiful. Whether slim or fat, anyone can belly dance! She is an amazing dancer and teacher. I must say, she has a lot of patience as an instructor because belly dance is not an easy task. It looks easy when trained people belly dance but it requires lots of body isolation, technique, muscle control, strength and all of it requires a lot of practice and dedication. You need to feel it, to do it. Dipika’s knowledge about human body and belly dance is superb! I once told her, “While teaching belly dance sometimes, you become science teacher – explaining body science and sometimes a math teacher – explaining counts and musicality”. She explains movements through examples of routine life or funny things that help us understand the moves/idea clearly. Her knowledge of music and her music collection both are fantastic!

Sarika Bhandare

I have no idea how and where to even begin about this alluring journey of dance I have experienced, lead by Dipika! Words would never suffice to describe the madness of a dancer that she herself is. A dancer is made up of technique, understanding of the body, engaging emotions in the art. There is absolutely no doubt she owns it, in every one of the aspects mentioned above, but the beauty of her as a teacher is in the fact that she enables and encourages her students to bring all of them to life, in their respective dances! I’ve been dancing with her since years now, and there isn’t honestly a better instructor I have or ever will come across. Her method of endowing a student is what makes you fall in love with her. She possesses extreme knowledge of all body parts (some of which you wouldn’t even know existed!) that are utilized during belly dancing and she will damn right make sure you are aware of what they are and how they are to be maneuvered so that you can exhibit each movement in the flawless way it was meant to be. She places boundless focus and asks her students to do so too, on technique. She understands the body of each one of her students extremely well and thus is able to help out everyone of them, in different ways according to each one’s requirements and body mechanics, so that they master everything that is taught and in the correct manner! This is what truly separates her from others of her kind. While taking a class with her, you shall be made aware of everything about the particular form of belly dance, where it originated, how it did, what rhythms are used, the musicality involved etc! That is how an art is meant to be trained for! She is immensely expressive and you shall feel every bit of emotion when you dance with her! No matter how my day would have gone or whatever downhill I would be experiencing, minutes into her class and it would just vanish! She is beyond an instructor, she is a mentor and you could honestly not find anything more magical than dancing and learning from her! Thank you for changing my life, taking a chance and randomly attending a trial class with you five years ago was the best thing that has happened to me!

Ritika Shah

I have been learning belly dance from Dipika Vijay, from the past 4 years. My first belly dance class with her was in 2013 and since then I have been learning only from her, because she brings out the best in me! She will solve your doubts zillion times making sure you learn the right thing. It shows how patient and honest she is while teaching. Right from arms (that are her favourite) to shimmies to isolations, Dipika makes sure that the students are technically on point. She has travelled and studied a lot from international artists and she open heartedly shares all her experiences with her students in classes. The choreographies that she creates are powerful and strong. Every choreography that I’ve learned from her, has some story behind it that she happily shares. Right from the rehearsals to costumes, she puts in her 100%. These small things give motivation and I have been in love with this beautiful dance form only because I am in the right hands.

Sayali Patil

I began my belly dance journey with Dipika a year ago and I don’t think I’ve ever looked back. She has pumped so much confidence and self esteem into me that I cannot thank her enough for it. “Shoulders rolled back, chin up and smile” – she teaches us the toughest movements isolations in the simplest way either through drawings or random imageries and it somehow falls into place. She has the most varied playlist and every dance movement and beat is marked with such precision no matter what kind of instrument is being played. The weirdest of songs sound uplifting with her choreography. She explains every muscle movement in such a simple manner that your body is able to grasp that knowledge and that’s the most important thing in belly dance, I think. It’s bewitching to watch her dance and the best part is that while she is teaching we all begin to just replicate or rather attempt really hard at replicating what she’s doing. Her eyes are like a hawk’s and she manages to notice every tiny error that her students make so that we evolve into better dancers everyday. It’s inspiring to learn from her because she has a fierce grace that I aspire to achieve.

Anahita Suyash

I’ve been learning belly dance from Dipika Vijay for 3 years now and I’m extremely grateful that I am. One of the main reasons is because she focuses on the correct techniques of practicing this dance form as well as on the exercise/work out that goes with it. There is a whole lot of confidence, attitude and control when she dances. Her knowledge of the body and belly dancing is excellent, and she sees to it that she shares this in class. There is never a dull moment in her class as she always adds some quirky and creative twist to the usual routine! When I’m learning from Dipika, I get a feeling that I’m not learning from someone who teaches superficially but someone who has practiced and gained in depth knowledge and experience in this field. I’ve loved every minute of this experience because dancing in her class, I’ve realized there’s so much more to this beautiful art form than just the mechanical movements (such as the theatrics of it and the way you hold yourself), as a result of which I have seen this confidence and grace building up my personality as well

Sanjna Kamat

Teachers Speak

Dipika is a genuine and exquisite performer. Her loveliness as a human shines through in her performances and personal interactions alike. She is a hard working, focused, detail oriented and determined artist. I enjoy working with her very much.

Jill Parker

Initiator of Tribal Fusion Style of Belly Dance & Founder of Ultra Gypsy

“You’re a strong dancer. What I keep about you is your female energy, humble-ness to learn, power in details and how dedicated you are. You have a very powerful face. Some people just change the face (while getting into a character) but your entire body changes. And that’s amazing!” (As said to Dipika)

Piny Orchidaceae

Founder & Director of Orchidaceae Urban Tribal

Dipika Vijay is an enigmatic performer; she’s an artist who carries that kind of stage presence, that glow, which cannot be taught…only guided and gardened. She is an avid pursuer of her craft and watching her growth from novice to full choreographer and teacher has been a gift and a rare treasure to behold. She creates innovative work that does not merely copy; she births new movements, expanding the genre of Tribal Fusion Belly Dance.

Moria Chappell

Tribal Fusion Belly Dancer 
& Artistic Director Belly Dance Superstars