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Dipika began learning belly dance 10 years ago and immediately drowned in the beauty of folkloric rhythms and sensuous movements. However, given her educational background in design from NID, she found herself desirous of discovering more about the design and science of human body in belly dance.

She was beyond thrilled to discover that one could create designs with the body! With realization and curiosity, she dived into the study of the human anatomy and yoga. With help and instruction from renowned teachers and yogis, she uncovered the internal mechanisms of the body, the very workings of the bones and muscles that go into creating this beautiful dance form.

Her deeply inculcated aesthetics of design and quality make her set the bar very high for everything she gets involved in. She is certain that dance is design of movements that is fused with powerful elements such as feelings and intentions.

With a musculoskeletal approach, she maps and labels muscles and bones, for a deeper understanding of movement and the creation of isolations, shapes and postures. She uses the knowledge of human anatomy to amplify body awareness.Through a tactile and dynamic perception, she teaches the play of tensity and liquidity in the body. With control on breath work and the harnessing of technique and sensations, she teaches students the significance of quality in belly dance.

Now, more than ever, she draws heavily from principles of design to create beautiful dance and art. She believes that for any art to truly matter, it has to heal and be an engineer of change in society. She considers herself a cultist whose calling in life is to learn, grow and create a tribe of empowered women who lead the change from a subversive society into an integrative and accepting one.

With this intention, day after day, she uses kinetic, tactile, visual, vocal and instinctive approaches to help women free their minds, embrace their bodies and recognize their true potential!

All of this through belly dance…

She practices belly dance not only as a sensuous dance form but a powerful tool that generates awareness of the body, mind and spirit. She dances to create more beauty and teaches dance so that others may see the beauty that already exists within them. She uses movement to create form and form to shape thoughts.

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